History of Defined Practice

We put this together as response to the question can reflexology be defended as a unique body of knowledge. Coupled with definition it makes the case for reflexology as a definable and defendable practice.

Defined practice

The following definition represents our definition of reflexology.

"Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure the feet (and hands) with techniques that do not utilize cream, lotion or oil, assessed on the basis of zones and areas with the premise that such work effects a physical change." Kunz and Kunz, 1983


The following paragraph represents our abbreviated version of the history for reflexology.

The defined practice began with the work of Eunice Ingham (Stories the Feet Can Tell, 1938). The basis of her work was Dr. William Fitzgerald with influence by Dr. Shelby Riley and other zone therapists. Dr. Fitzgerald's work was influenced by the work of Dr. Henry Head of England.

Body of Knowledge

These books represent the body of knowledge for reflexology.

Zone therapy

Reflexology Books