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Course description for instruction in practical work

1. Hygiene in and preparation of the workplace.

2. Reception of the client and their care and comfort

3. Inspect the foot / hand.

4. Assess the appropriate length and manner of session.

5. Identify the technique sequence of a completed foot / hand reflexology session.

6. Locate the reflex areas of the feet / hands.

7. Apply "pressure technique"* appropriate to (a) each part, (b) zone, (c) reflex area of the foot / hand, and (d) client's stress condition.

8. Apply support / protective hold procedures during the pressure technique application.

9. Apply foot / hand relaxation techniques.

10. Assess each reflex area of the feet / hand through visual and touch observations.

11. Identify additional pressure technique application appropriate for the individual and the situation for the second-time or subsequent working through the foot / hand.

12. Apply pressure techniques during a second-time work through the foot / hand to a series of reflex areas, zones, and/or referral areas in a pattern based on the findings of the first application.

13. Apply pressure techniques to a series of helper reflex areas in a pattern appropriate to the stress condition.

14. Locate the zones of the body and foot / hand.

15. Assess each zone for visual and touch observations.

16. Locate the referral areas of the body.

17. Demonstrate the application of self-help pressure technique to referral areas.

18. Demonstrate the application of self-help pressure techniques to each part, zone, and reflex area of the feet and hands.

RAA Reports - 14 MAY 1998

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