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Course description

1. The history of reflexology and zone theory

2. Theories about how reflexology and zone therapy work

3. Knowledge and understanding of zone and hand and foot reflexology charts

4. Instruction in recording client data

5. Listening skills within the client/ practitioner relationship

6. Basic first aid procedures

7. Business practices including hygiene, medical terminology, professional ethics, business management, state and local laws.

8. Research procedures and recent reflexology research

9. The practitioner and the law

10. Codes of practice and ethics

11. Understanding when to refer the client or prospective client to another therapist or health care provider.

12. Recognize when not to apply technique.

13. Recognize pathological disorders of the foot and when to refer to the client to appropriate medical personnel.

14. Identify a program of future foot and/or hand reflexology sessions for the client.

15. Describe an assessment of findings to the client in a responsible, legal, and ethical manner.

16. Instruction in practical work (technique application and the session) - See the following.

RAA Reports - 14 MAY 1998

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