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Task Assessment

4. Professional requirements in other fields, a comparison

Information was gathered about seven professions: Nail Technician, Colonic therapist, Orthotists/Prosthetics, Athletic trainer, Beautician, Mortician, and Medical Laboratory Technician.


Professional requirements in other fields

1. Educational requirements

1 requires 100 hours of training and massage licensing (colon therapist)

1 requires 300 hours (nail technician)

1 requires 3000 hours (beautician)

1 requires college credit and 12 months specialized training (mortician)

1 requires a certificate program or a BS

2 require a BA or BS

2. Credentials

1 requires State licensing in 1996 with grandfathering (anyone with 1 year  full-time or 2 years part-time): nail technician

1 requires certification, State licensing and a State board exam (colon  therapist

 1 requires State board and federal exams (mortician)

 1 requires State board exam and 10 hour per year of CEU's (beautician)

1 requires national association certification (athletic trainer)

1 requires methods, diagnostic imaging etc. (orthotist/prosthetic)

1 requires a certificate program on community colleges or vocational  institutions (medical laboratory technician)

3. Continuing education

None was required or established for 3 professions

1 requires 10 hours per year (beautician)

1 requires 12 hours every two years (mortician)

1 reports four day seminars (colon therapist)

1 reports certificate or BS degree

4. Fees and membership

1 reports $20 every two years (nail technician)

1 reports$50 every two years (beautician)

1 reports $200 board exam fee (medical laboratory technician)

4. Instructor requirements

2 require none (nail technician, colon therapist)

2 require appropriate graduate degree (orthotist/prosthetic, athletic trainer)

1 requires student teaching at a school of 1000 hours, certification for  teaching granted

2 require certification or credentials in the field (mortician, medical  laboratory technician)

5. Code of ethics

6 have a code of ethics

1, nail technician, is working on one

6. Scope of practice

Each has a specific defined scope of practice

Example, nail technician - manicure, pedicure, filing, buffing, applying  artificial products, NO cutting of cuticles. Forthcoming document on  sanitation, ventilation etc.)

1 reports $45-75 per hour (colon therapist)

1 reports $12,000 to $40,000/year (beautician)

1 reports entry level of $19,198 to 24,000 /year (medical laboratory  technician)

2 report starting salaries of $30,000 and above (mortician, athletic trainer,  orthotist/prosthetic)

7. Trade journals

5 of 7 reported a newsletter or journal

8. International / national / state affiliations

4 of 7 report such affiliations

9. Educational institutions


RAA Reports - 14 MAY 1998

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