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Task Assessment

2. Professional requirements in national reflexology associations

Four national reflexology associations responded to the survey. (See pages 39 to 41.):

(British) Association of Reflexologists (AOR),

Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC),

Danish Reflexologists Association (FDZ to use the Danish language term), and

the Irish Reflexologists Schools Committee of the Irish Reflexologists Institute (IRI)

(Note: Apparent discrepancies emerge in the reading of the following chart. The numbers reported are accurate. Two organizations, for example, report in Item 1 that its members certify the competency of individuals. In Item 3 and 4, however, all four organizations note requirements for certifying the competency of the individual as well as the granting of a title. Apparently, requirements for membership are different than requirements for the certification of the competency of the individual within some organizations. The AOR, for example, has an associate membership that is available. It does not provide the certification of competency granted to full members.)








RAA Reports - 14 MAY 1998

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