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Reflexologists Barbara and Kevin Kunz have developed this site to help educate reflexologists to the many issues facing reflexology. Over the years the Kunzes reflexology books, charts and newsletters have encourage interest in reflexology. Hand and foot reflexology is a growing as a profession worldwide. It is our hope that this site improve the quality of reflexology for both the consumer and the reflexologists.

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Table of Contents

Free Reflexology Books, Charts and Newsletters

How to Add Value to Your Reflexology Business

Adding Information to Your Reflexology Service

My Reflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie


Where did reflexology come from?

Special: Egyptian Footwork: Therapy, Beauty, Foot Rub or All Three

Ancient Egyptian Reflexology

Ancient Footprints Impressions of Reflexology's Past?

Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology


Creating The Reflexology Profession

An extensive index to guide the reflexologist in the pursuit of a legal niche for the profession.

Legal Requirements for practicing reflexology State by State (Update)

Exemptions From the Massage Act

The Story of How Legal Requirements for Reflexology Practice Came About

Fact Sheet: Massage Regulation of Reflexology (Update)

Reflexology Associations

Certifying Competency in Reflexology- Report of the Education Committee of the Reflexology Association of America

Reflexology Consumer Alert- Florida

Full and Fair Disclosure- A definition -Why It May Work For Reflexology

Massage Regulation of Reflexology: Why It doesn't Work

Massage Regulation of Reflexology/ Part Two

New Territory for Reflexologists

Proposal for Regulation of Reflexology

A Sample Code of Ethics

Reflexology, Health at Your Fingertips

Reflexology Theory

Definitions of Reflexology- a potpourri

Diagnosis with Reflexology- Is It Legitimate?

What is Foot Reflexology?

Research in Reflexology

Anecdotal Stories

Danish Reflexology Guide

Hand Reflexology Workbook

Reflexology Technique

Reflexology Tips from the Pro's

Reflexology Assessment

My Reflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie

Stress Cue Assessment

Reflexology Charts

Our Reflexology Charts

Hand Reflexology Workbook

Foot Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Going Mainstream

Are Massage Laws Obsolete?

Emerging Jobs for Reflexologists

Formal Sanctioning of Reflexology

HMO's and Alternative Medicine

Ontario Reflexology News

Reflexology at the Spa

What Doctors Should Know-Eisenberg Report

Becoming a Reflexologist

Emerging Reflexology Service Provider

FAQ- Training

Add More Value to Your service

Hints From the Pros on Your Reflexology Business

Successful Reflexology-Practitioner Tips

Trends in Reflexology


Foot Metaphors- The shape is familiar

In Brief

Magazines and Newspaper Articles about Reflexology

Reflexology News

Is Reflexology Quackery?

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Finding a Reflexologist

Selecting a Practitioner

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